Celebrate Mothers Day

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Mothers Day is an important day.

Did you know that more flowers are sold on Mother’s Day than any other holiday, including Valentine's Day?

For years before we had kids of our own, my husband and I would celebrate our moms by taking them out to afternoon tea. There was a lovely little tearoom here, and we all had a great time!

As a mom now, I know that the best gift of all for a mom is spending time with her children and feeling loved.

Here is my hint, based on my "perfect" mother's day...whatever you do, don't make mom cook! Take her out, or bring in a meal for her, whatever she would like best. I like going out (that way I don't have to clean up the house!).

And one of the best gifts you can give to your mom is just simply telling her what she means to you. You can even put it in writing and that will be even more special.

Another great gift idea is collecting some of her favorite things and making a gift basket. Here are some tips to make a beautiful Mothers Day gift basket.

If you'll be entertaining a crowd, you might be interested in some Mother's Day Printable Party Games.

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