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 I love magic, and I think universally when you hear that someone is having a magic party, the response is "Ooohhh! How fun! I want to go!"

Hiring a Magician for your Party

Having a magician for your party is lots of fun for everyone. Not just for a children's birthday - all ages enjoy a good magic show.

Personally, I love magic shows and continue to be mesmerized whenever I watch a talented magician. I think that is universal!

And, don't just save magic or having a magician for a "magic theme party".

I've been asked about doing a DIY magic show - where you purchase tricks, practice them, and then present your own magic show. Depending on the age of the audience, you may not want to do this. A magician makes it look so easy because they have spent hours practicing! Good tricks also add up cost-wise, so unless you have the time to truly practice to master each trick, and the resources to buy them, I suggest supporting your local magician and hiring them to come do your show. If you do go the DIY route, hopefully it will inspire you to learn more tricks - magic can be so much fun!

We used a magician for a Wizard of Oz party (the magician we used was the "wizard", get it?).

You can also use a magician at a:

  • Castle party (princess, knight)
  • Harry Potter party
  • Anytime you want to make a party special!

  • Easy Magic Party Ideas

    Planning a Magic Theme Party

    You can purchase cute Magic Party Invitations, or you can make your own. Fun shapes to cut out and use as invitations are magic wands, top hats and rabbits.

    For a cake, you could:

  • Make a rabbit shaped cake
  • Make a layer cake and decorate to look like a magic hat
  • Make a rectangular sheet cake, with a few Magic Trick Party Favors placed on top. There are also some really cute magic themed party plates, napkins, and such, or you can always purchase themed Magic Party Supplies. But rather than purchasing anything, you can always go with basic black or black and white. Perfect for this party, and inexpensive too!

  • Favorite Tricks and Party Favors

    I think that giving the kids at your party a Magic Wand is a must!

    Small magic tricks, that the kids can learn to do themselves would be a great party favor as well. Kids are usually very inspired after watching a magic show and are ready to try to do some yourself.

    See if your magician can teach everyone how to do one simple trick!

    For a great resource of all sorts of magic supplies (especially if you want to "do it yourself" and put on your own magic show, or have an interest in owning great magic products, visit MagicTricks.com. 

    More Magic Party Fun

    Other fun things to do at a magic party include:

  • Hit a rabbit in the hat pinata.
  • Play magical freeze dance.
  • Go on a treasure hunt or play hide and seek!

  • Learn how to make a bunny pinata like this one!

    Magic Party Supplies

  • Magic Party Invitations - There are some really cute options available!
  • Magician Wand Party Favors - Every one will want their own wand!
  • Magic Trick Party Favors - My favorite is the Magic Coin Trick
  • Magic Hats
  • Magic Card Decks
  • Invisible Ink Pens
  • Magic Party Supplies (all the plates, napkins, etc.)
  • For a pinata, use a Rabbit Pinata, or create your own magic hat pinata!

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  • Kid Party Ideas

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