Have a Home Magic Party 

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A magic party at home falls under the category of great and easy ideas for kids birthday parties.

We attended a fun party that had lots of fun backyard birthday games.


Magical Backyard Birthday Games

Some fun backyard games to play at a magic party might include:

A treasure hunt to find a missing magical items such as a toy rabbit, magic want, magic stones, magic scarves...

A magician does lots of rope tricks, so how about a game of Human Knots? In this game,  have 5 to 10 players stand in a circle. Each player places their hands in the center and takes hold of a hand of any two people. Then, everyone twists and turns to untie the "knot" they formed without letting go of each other's hands.

Another fun activity could be to create a spider web over a large area of the yard, using different colors of yarn. One color of yarn per child. They follow the string to get to the end. This is time-consuming to set up, and time-consuming to do, but it is fun if you don't make it too elaborate. If it is too involved, they'll lose interest. It was big wow! factor when it first seen by the kids.  

More fun backyard games


Magic Show Time!

After playing some games, we all came inside the house while a magician performed a show - complete with pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

The magician made a balloon animal for each child and gave them all a card trick as a party favor.

If there aren't any magicians in the town where you live, a parent could work up some magic tricks to do a fun show!

Visit the Magic Party page for complete ideas on how to plan a great home magic party theme!

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