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As a lover of Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, a pioneer party celebrating these adventurers would have been a dream come true for me for a birthday party when I was growing up! I did, actually, have a Holly Hobbie party, which gives you a hint to my age :-)!

But, if you are interested in having a party that has a pioneer theme, it might be fun to follow some of the things that took place in Little House books.

Games and ideas for a kid pioneer party

Pioneer Costume

Pioneer Party Games and Ideas

This party idea is so unique, and there are lots of things you can do for party games and activities. Take inspiration from things that children did in pioneer days to come up with some really fun things to do. I think the kids will find them extra fun because they are things they have probably never done before! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Make some crafts that kids on the prairie long ago would have enjoyed - such as rag dolls or corn cob/corn husk dolls
  • Make butter, by shaking whipping cream in a jar
  • Build log cabins out of Lincoln Logs
  • Make a simple apron
  • Learn to cross-stitch
  • Try to milk a cow. Attach a latex glove (filled with water) to a poster board drawing of a cow. Put a tiny pin prick in each finger of the glove, then let everyone take a turn "milking" the cow
  • Make a covered wagon craft
  • Sing some old fashioned, great American folk songs
  • Speaking of music...teach the kids to square dance!
  • Have a petting zoo come to give donkey rides or pony rides, or have goats to pet and chickens to feed
  • If you are wanting to hit a piñata at your children's birthday party, you could make a piñata to look like a log cabin. It would be really simple to do, using a decorated square box as the piñata. Learn how to make a piñata – it is easy!
  • A cake could be a beautiful Prairie scene, or perhaps a log cabin. You can make a log cabin out of pretzel sticks!
  • Still need activities? Browse our giant list of kids party games to add to your party!  

  • Several of these things can double as a party favor too!

    Pioneer Party Cake Ideas

    Create a scene on top of a cake, either with figurines or art, of a log cabin, covered wagon or farm scene.

    When I was growing up, the Holly Hobbie character was popular, and there were 3D cake pans of Holly Hobbie. If you aren't familiar with her, she was the image of a little girl in a prairie dress wearing a sun bonnet, and the bonnet covered her face. If you look on Ebay or Amazon, you might be able to find a Holly Hobbie cake pan.

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