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As a lover of Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, a pioneer party celebrating these adventurers would have been a dream come true for me for a birthday party when I was growing up! I did, actually, have a Holly Hobbie party, which gives you a hint to my age :-)!

But, if you are interested in having a party that has a pioneer theme, it might be fun to follow some of the things that took place in Little House books.

Pioneer Party Games and Ideas

  • Make some crafts that kids on the prairie long ago would have enjoyed - such as rag dolls or corn cob/corn husk dolls
  • Make butter, by shaking whipping cream in a jar
  • Build log cabins out of Lincoln Logs
  • Make a simple apron
  • Learn to cross-stitch
  • Try to milk a cow. Attach a latex glove (filled with water) to a poster board drawing of a cow. Put a tiny pin prick in each finger of the glove, then let everyone take a turn "milking" the cow
  • Make a covered wagon craft
  • Sing some old fashioned, great American folk songs
  • Speaking of music...teach the kids to square dance!
  • Have a petting zoo come to give donkey rides or pony rides, or have goats to pet and chickens to feed
  • If you are wanting to hit a piñata at your children's birthday party, you could make a piñata to look like a log cabin. It would be really simple to do, using a decorated square box as the piñata. Learn how to make a piñata – it is easy!
  • A cake could be a beautiful Prairie scene, or perhaps a log cabin. You can make a log cabin out of pretzel sticks!
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