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The costume party is usually very easy to get guests to dress up for a Halloween party. It comes with the territory and is "expected", so people often go all out with their costumes.

But, sometimes with other costume parties, you might have guests dress up, and you might not.

Sometimes there is a mix.


What is a host or hostess to do?

What if guests show up and they aren't in costume?

At my costume parties, I also have a box of "costumes" available at the front door.

That way if guests don't come in costumes, they aren't off the hook!

And now my party guests know to that if I say "costume", I mean "costume", and they should have fun going all out.

Another great way to encorage participation is to make it known that you'll be giving Costume Parties Awards.

Here are some examples of some fun costume parties.

Pink Party Costumes

At a recent pink party, I had told guests to come dressed wearing something pink.

Some had pink sweaters, pink socks, pink hats, pink jewelry.

Most people had something on pink (a few went all out - pink boas, pink clothes head to toe, etc.).

Prizes were awarded to those who had the most pink on. But for the few who didn't have on pink, they were provided something pink - leis, hats, etc.

Gilligan's Island Costume Party

Another example of a party with costumes was a very fun Gilligan's Island party.

Many people had fun dressed to the party. The Skipper, Gilligan, Mr. Howell and the Professor were well represented, as was Mary Ann (I went a Ginger...)

But what about those few who didn't come in costume?

We had flower leis available for all the guests.

Then they became a "visitor to the island".

Halloween Costume Party

Back to the Halloween Party...

One time of year that you'll find party guests more willing to dress up is at Halloween.

A Halloween Party demands a great Halloween costumes.

It makes the party more fun to have a costume for everyone! So add "just in case" costumes to your shopping list so everyone will get a chance to participate!

If you are looking for do it yourself costume inspiration, check out our great photos of Halloween costumes, see these Halloween Costume Party Pictures.

Funny Luau Costume

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