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A game party is great fun and really pretty easy to plan.

When I was in college, a big group of us from church got together every month for a game night party. It was so much fun, and I have a lot of great memories from those parties!

It is also an easy party idea that works for lots of ages, such as adults or for teen party ideas or tween party ideas, or even older kids.

While the concept would remain the same, the types of games may change a bit depending on the age of your party guests.

Game Night Party Ideas

My Favorite Game Party Ideas:

Some of the all-around favorite games that are great for a party are:

  • Charades 

  • Karaoke, Skits or Talent Show 

  • Board Games - if the games don't allow a bunch of players, have everyone switch tables and games after every game to intermingle. 

  • Trivia Party Games  are also fun, and can often work with larger groups of people.

  • Speaking of intermingling, games like bunco don't require much planning, are easy to learn and play, and are very fun. Bunco is so easy to play, and can be played with big groups too! This is my favorite game to play when there are 8 or more in attendance. Many times people think bunco is just for girls, but the guys love playing it too! How to play bunco

  • You can include video games too - Rockband, Wii, Nintendo...just make sure you have enough for everyone to do, so it isn't just a couple of players with everyone else watching. That would be b-o-r-i-n-g!

  • How about finishing the day by breaking into teams for a scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts can be totally customized, and are always a good time. The catch here is that everyone breaks up into teams and they won't be around each other except at the beginning and end of the party.

  • Got a big group? Can you go outside? If so, playing a good game of Capture the Flag makes a great party idea. The teams have fun playing against each other, it involves strategy and physical ability, but also relies on the different strengths that each play has.

  • Another game for a group is to have a mystery game, where the object of the party is to solve a mystery.

  • If you have really big group, visit these ideas for a large group game party.
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