Old MacDonald Had a...Farm Party!

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We knew a little girl who loved farm animals, so a farm party was planned.

There were cutouts of farm animals around the room for decorations. It was really cute!

Each child got to decorate a bandana with paint when they arrived at the party.

There was also a bean bag toss and a pin the tail on the donkey game.

All kids love animals, and so many young storybooks revolve around the farm. Start planning your party by thinking of some fun farm activities. You will also want to add some games centered around farm animals.

More Fun Party Fun

  • Animal charades - instead of guessing a book, movie or character, have fun guessing animals
  • Freeze dance - where each time you start dancing you pretend you are a different animal
  • Singing Old MacDonald (For little ones! They love this!)
  • Reading a book about farm animals
  • Doing an obstacle course of farm activities - pitching hay, brushing animals, etc.
  • Create puppet shows at the party with farm animal puppets
  • Cute favors: hats, bandanas, stuffed animals, puppets
  • Bring in a petting zoo of farm animals. Kids will love to brush a goat and feed them. Other animals could be a little pig, a pony and rabbits to pet.
  • John Deere is king! A ride on a tractor or a hay ride around your neighborhood would be lots of fun!
  • Kids love to have their photo taken in cardboard cutouts. Create one of a farmer and some farm animals. I bet the kids will love taking turns sticking their head thru each of the holes!
  • For decorations, hay bales and corn stalks are easy! You can also buy some farm scenesetters.
  • Don't forget the cake! Carry your theme thru to this important detail and serve a farm party cake.
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