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The idea of a Construction Party brings up some happy childhood memories for me.

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was when my parents got a load of dirt delivered.

The dirt was hauled into to put in the flower beds, around the foundation of the house, that sort of thing. But, I got it first. I would spend one or two days delightfully rolling around in that pile of dirt (now I wonder how my mom got all dirt that out of my clothes!).

One day it hit me - next time I get my own load of dirt or sand delivered, I'm having a Construction Theme Party!

I'll invite lots of kids over and let them dig, carve roads and build in that glorious mound!

This party would also work for a Bob the Builder Party or a Handy Manny Party.

Here are some more fun children's birthday party ideas...

Construction Party Invitations

  • Use a photo of the birthday child with a dump truck or other construction item (or even dressed with a tool belt and hard hat).

  • Make a card in the shape of a hammer, wrench, or other tool.
  • Construction Party Decorations

  • Cut out shapes of giant tools from posterboard (or order some) to hang up around your party.

  • Set up traffic cones and yellow construction tape to mark the way leading to the party.

  • Hang up "Caution" signs and "Men at Work" signs.

  • Use balloons in the color of "caution yellow".

  • Building Party Arrival Activity

  • Cover a plastic construction hard hat with construction themed stickers.

  • Build with blocks or legos.

  • Construction Party Games

  • As stated above, have a load of dirt or sand delivered for the kids to use to build their roads or city in. Or, use a sandbox or kiddie pool filled with sand or dirt!
  • Borrow a couple of trikes or construction theme ride-on toys and let the kids have a relay race. Set up traffic cones to mark the path.
  • Let kids build blocks to make cities or towers. You can also use cereal boxes, shoe boxes, cardboard boxes or even appliance boxes! (Especially good for indoor construction parties)
  • The kids can pretend they are construction vehicles as you play Red light, Green light.
  • Hit a construction theme pinata.
  • Do a bean bag toss into a dump truck or hard hat.
  • Play a demolition game. Attach a long piece of string to a tennis ball, and then hang it from a tree. Then, stack up empty cereal boxes into a tower. Let the kids take turns swinging the ball towards the tower to try to knock it down.
  • Use empty cereal boxes and cardboard boxes to build with.
  • More kid party games.

  • Construction Party Ideas and Games

    Construction Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Use a plastic dump truck to hold forks, napkins, etc.

  • Make a sheet cake and place toy construction trucks on it.

  • Construction Theme Party Favors

  • Construction Theme Stickers
  • Miniature Construction Vehicles
  • Sand Toys
  • Legos
  • Any building type toy
  • Toy tools
  • Dump truck
  • Fill a waist apron with some of the above items
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