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For a sweet time...have a Candy Party!

These decoration and favor ideas could also be used for a Candyland Party or Willy Wonka Party. You also might use this theme if you are planning a party around the Christmas holiday season, when "visions of sugarplums are dancing" in all our heads!

Candy Theme Party Decorations

Party Decorations for this theme should be full of fun, color and whimsy. You can even make use of real candy as part of your decorations.

  • Lots of Balloons
  • For tables or a centerpiece, use small flower vases with peppermints, butterscotch candies, or other small candy items. Instead of flowers in the vases, use large lollipops.
  • Make lollipop decorations by using large circular pieces of Styrofoam wrapped in pastel cellophane with a wooden dowel for the stick.
  • Gingerbread Houses 

  • Candy Party Games and Activities

  • Have a Chocolate taste test
  • Decorate gingerbread houses
  • Play the M&M Hunt Game or the Candyland Board Game
  • Have a Treasure Hunt, searching for a treasure chest full of…candy! or perhaps a candy themed Scavenger Hunt
  • Make up and play a Chocolate themed or Candy themed trivia game
  • Show a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory DVD during the party
  • Build! Check out: Candy Construction: How to Build Race Cars, Castles, and Other Cool Stuff out of Store-Bought Candy

  • Teen Party Games Shared by Visitors

    My favorite ideas are always those shared by visitors to this site! Here are a few sweet games from the teen party page that were submitted by site visitors. Maybe one or more of these will be perfect for your party!

    Candy Straw Game

    Donut Game!

    Bubble Gum Game

    Chocolate Game 

    Party Favor Ideas

    You probably already guessed it, but my recommendation for a party favor idea for this party is candy! Some fun options might be...

  • Giant Candy Bars
  • Bags of personalized M&M’s
  • Candy with personalized wrappers
  • Candy necklaces, bracelets
  • Ring pops
  • Candy lipsticks 
  • Beau-coup has personalized candy and party favors
  • Tell us about your great teen party idea!

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    More site visitor ideas for a Candy Party

    Chocolate Strawberries
    By: Candy
    From: Houston,TX
    The day before, arrange strawberries on a plate. Then, dip them all in chocolate. Next, put them in the fridge. Enjoy the easy, pre-prepped, yummy strawberries.

    M&M Suckers
    By: Anonymous
    Everyone has 2 bowls, 1 filled with M&Ms and the other empty. You have to suck up the M&Ms with a straw and place into other bowl, and so on until none are left in the other bowl. The person finished first is the winner. And the best part is, you get to eat them afterwards!

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