Candy Straw Game

by Jessi

This candy straw game is lots of fun and everyone can play together at the same time.

1. Give everyone a straw and a cup
2. Get a bowl and fill it with smarties candies
3. Get a stop watch and put 1 minute on the timer
4. The people must put the straw in their mouth
5. They must suck air through straw and try to get a smartie on the bottom of the straw
6. They are not allowed to use any other body part but they are allowed to use their mouth
7. The person with the most smarties in their cup wins

Easy Party Ideas says...this would be a great game to play for a "minute to win it" party game contest!

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by: Shivani

This game rocks to the core! It's fun, and brings out the competitive flair of all the teens! :P

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