Donut Game!

by ~Rachel~

OK. This is a very simple game but is tons of fun. OK, here are the directions, materials, and some tips to make the game easier and more fun!


1. Donuts

2. String

3. push pins or safety pins (something you will be able to push into the wall)

4. 2+ players (the more players the better!)


1. Tie string onto donuts and use push pins to hold the string to the ceiling

2. split into two teams

3. As fast as you can, with your hands tied behind your back, eat your donut

4. whoever ever fully eats their donut first wins!


1. hang the donut higher for a harder challenge!

This is a fun, entertaining game that all ages will love! Enjoy!

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Best Ever
by: Lisa

I tried this game and loved it thanks Rachel. You made my daughters party the best party ever, It was the most fun activity of the night!

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