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Having Thanksgiving color pages on hand and ready for your smaller guests is a great Thanksgiving party idea to include with your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Children enjoy Thanksgiving coloring pictures, and they require very little effort on your part (hooray!).

And this is a great way to make Thanksgiving for kids a little more fun, keep them out of the kitchen, and just generally give them something to do while they are waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.

In addition to providing Thanksgiving coloring pages, don't forget to have colors (crayons), colored pencils or markers on hand.

How old will the children at the Thanksgiving dinner be?

Think about this when deciding what they will use to decorate their Thanksgiving color sheets! Otherwise you may end up with more than the coloring sheet being colored! Yikes!

Avoid this by designating an area for creating art, and limit it to that space.  

Ideas for a surface for the kids to use when coloring pages Thanksgiving Day are to set aside a table, or if you have access to clipboards or another hard surface, they can sit on the floor color.

You may want to use some of the “washable” crayons and markers when decorating your Thanksgiving coloring sheets.

Sources for Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

There are several places on the internet where you can find free Thanksgiving coloring pages. One of our favorites is at: Another good source is to google “Thanksgiving coloring page images.”

If you aren't interested in printing them out yourself, look in the stores for a coloring book, and tear pages out of that.  

There are also lots of great options to purchase online - both adult and kids - Thanksgiving coloring books.

Putting Thanksgiving Color Pages to Use

If you have kids in your household, you can also have them color Thanksgiving pictures before the big day to use as decorations at your celebration.

There are some interesting coloring options available, ones that aren't limited to coloring sheets.

Keep in mind Thanksgiving color pages as well for a preschool or school Thanksgiving party, especially for a classroom Thanksgiving party.

Other Great Thanksgiving Activities

Give the kids something to do this Thanksgiving with Printable Thanksgiving Games!

Good luck!

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