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Some of the best teen party ideas and games come from our site visitors. Read below to find out what games were hits for others, and you can even add your own contributions to be shared on this page! We would love to read your comments!

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Homemade Party Not rated yet
Well... You'll have it in a barn...if you have one. (This works well if u live in remote areas or live on a farm!) in the barn there will be music, lights …

Pass The Parcel Game Not rated yet
On one of my birthdays we played the game Pass the Parcel. It was soooo much fun! What u have to do is to get an adult to wrap prizes ( good prizes are …

New Years party Not rated yet
So, you and your friends have decided to have a New Years party? Well here is some ideas that will make your party awesome. 1. Of course you'll need …

Striker Not rated yet
Its a game like monkey in the middle only very intense. What you need: Get at least 8 or 9 people to play. There are 2 people in the middle. Its best …

Picture Scavenger Hunt Not rated yet
Divide into teams of 3-4. The idea is for the team to take a picture with a digital camera or phone in a variety of places or with people that have been …

School Spirit Party Not rated yet
I'm going to be nineteen in April, and this will also be my bon voyage party before I leave for University (interstate). I tried to think of a good …

Neighborhood Scavenger hunt Not rated yet
For a fun neighborhood scavenger hunt, first things first, make the teams. Put everybody's name in a hat and pull them out team by Team A and Team B. You …

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My Party Plans
By: Jerzeygurl

I'm still planning my 14th birthday party but so far, what I'm doing is having water balloon fights, water gun fights, and all water fun! Then, I'm planning on doing henna tattoos. They are really cool and fun. Then, we are having pizza, and all different snacks and stuff. Hawiian drinks, kool aid, ect. I'm gonna decorate my deck, and we r gonna hav music, and what not. I'm still planning, but that is what I have so far :) well if u have any more fun ideas, let me know!

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