Picture Scavenger Hunt

by Eva
(Broken Arrow, OK)

Divide into teams of 3-4. The idea is for the team to take a picture with a digital camera or phone in a variety of places or with people that have been predetermined. Each group should include a designated person to be in each picture,a driver who is familiar with the area and a photographer. Give teams a time limit and a specific area. When you are ready to start, give each team a list with higher values for the harder pictures to capture. Any team which returns late will lose points. Examples of pictures are:

10 pts With a policeman
10 pts In a cemetary
5 pts In an elevator
10 pts On a carousel
15 pts Wearing a boa
15 pts With a person with green hair
5 pts In a convertible
5 pts With a person over 80 years old
10 pts Sitting on a Harley

When teams return, total points and award prizes if you wish.

This has been a hit with our group and is always lots of fun hearing about the events as the teams were collecting their photos.

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