School Spirit Party

I'm going to be nineteen in April, and this will also be my bon voyage party before I leave for University (interstate).

I tried to think of a good party idea for this event ($500 or less).

You could have school spirit theme...encourage everyone to wear their school (new college) colors, t-shirts or whatever, or they could wear high school t-shirts. Whatever school they want to promote.

Then you could serve food that would go along with a ballpark or football game, like hot dogs, frito chili pie, popcorn and pretzel bread.

Decorate with cheerleader pompoms and megaphones, perhaps pennants from different colleges.

Lisa Says:

This is a great idea for to combine the two parties, and I think everyone will enjoy showing off their new school colors. I especially like the idea of including high school t-shirts for those who might not have bought any college gear yet. Good luck as you head off to University!

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