Neighborhood Scavenger hunt

by Ginger T.
(Nashville, Tennessee)

For a fun neighborhood scavenger hunt, first things first, make the teams. Put everybody's name in a hat and pull them out team by Team A and Team B. You can even name the teams something differently. Then give the teams a list of items to collect around the neighborhood. Then have a meeting point at a certain time and place. The one with the most items wins the hunt. Have the hunt at least an hour and a half long.

Items to hunt for:

. balloon
• band aid
• bobby pin
• box tops
• brown paper sack
• business card
• candy wrapper
• canceled stamp
• cotton swab
• coupon
• dryer sheet
• empty toilet paper roll
• golf tee
• hotel guest soap
• grocery bill receipt
• menu
• paper airplane
• paper clip
• pencil
• penny
• paper plate
• piece of chalk
• plastic Easter egg
• plastic spoon
• recipe
• soup can label
• straw
• ticket stub
• yarn, etc.

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