Rudolph Party

for a Holiday Party or Birthday Party

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When my daughter was younger, she was in love with Rudolph. A party based on this character or reindeer themed party in general was perfect to plan since she has a December birthday.

For the party invitations, plates, napkins, etc., I found licensed items online. If I hadn't, I would have gone with red plates and napkins, and made something cute that was reindeer themed for my invitation.

Loving to dress up, we furnished everyone with a pair of costume reindeer antlers. A fun activity would be making your own with pipe cleaners and a head band.

We also (before the party) gave each person coming a "reindeer costume" to wear. T-shirts tie-dyed brown, a brown felt skirt, and brown tights. We even included black gloves and black socks (hooves).

For a December birthday party, a great party craft or party arrival activity is making Christmas ornaments.

Some of the "reindeer games" we played were:

  • We made our own pin the nose on Rudolph game.

  • We threw bean bags into a food bowl (Rudolph's food bowl) for another fun party game.

  • We played “Santa says”. Santa was a paper bag with a picture of Santa on it. The bag filled with strips of paper that said things like “Hop 3 times”, “quack like a duck 2 times”, etc. Each child got a turn to pull one out, and then we read it and did it as a group.

  • We went on a hunt for wrapped Christmas packages, then we played a sort of pass the parcelwith them - except instead of unwrapping layers, we used a new wrapped gift each round.

  • We tried to keep silver and gold balloons afloat.

  • Snow Monster game – Our favorite kid party game, the Monster Monster are you Hungry game.

  • We even made a pinata to look like a reindeer.

  • Older kids would enjoy an easy game of reindeer trivia.

    For favors, toy reindeer items or glow in the dark or flashing items are a hit.
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