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Lots of fun childrens Christmas party ideas have been shared on this site over time.

I've seen some of them in action, so know for a fact that they are a hit with the kids!

Rudolph Party - this is one I did for my own daughter when she turned 4. She loved Rudolph, and with a December birthday, there was no question about what our party theme would be.

If you know the song, if you've seen the'll love this as a theme.

Christmas Party for Kids School - Every "room mom" wonders what to do to make a great party for their children's school. These ideas are submitted by one of our visitors, straight from the school room. Other ideas (from yet another visitor) include this great list of school classroom Christmas ideas.

Snowman Party - Even if you don't live in an area that is full of snow, you can celebrate all things snowman at this snowman party. Lots of fun games with this one!

Kids Karaoke Caroling Party - One of my favorite all time visitor submissions was this post about their kid's karaoke Christmas party. Lots of great ideas to make the party really memorable and a highlight of the season.

Christmas Lights by Carriage One of my friends planned a wonderful Christmas party outing for the girls at our school. She had everyone come to her house, and while waiting for everyone to arrive the girls did Christmas word search puzzles and other printable games, along with some refreshments. After everyone arrived, they loaded up a couple of cars and took the girls to the part of town where all the houses are lit up beautifully for Christmas. You know - the section of town that is blocked with traffic and carriage rides for looking at lights. She had reserved a carriage large enough for all the girls to ride in. For the next 45 minutes they looked at lights, sang Christmas carols, and enjoyed being pulled by a horse drawn carriage. Rather than carriages, some communities have hay rides to look at lights. Parents then came and picked up their kids at the end of the ride there at the carriage stand.

Fun and Christmas Games - Even if you don't have a specific theme for your childrens Christmas party, it is fun to just get the kids together and play some Christmas party games for kids.

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