It's a Piano Party!

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A party focused on the piano can be a great way for piano students to get to show their skills, have fun playing for their friends (great performance experience!) in a friendly, fun enviroment!

We're not talking about a piano recital here, but rather a fun get-together of friends who play the piano (or other instruments if you like) who would enjoy playing for one another.

At the beginning of the party have some activities - whether they be organized music games or just letting everyone run around and have fun, because everyone will be very excited to see each other when they arrive!

Give everyone who wants a turn the opportunity to play. But if someone doesn't wish to participate, don't make them. This is a party afterall!

Finish it off with a piano themed cake, cupcakes or ice cream!

We attended a party where the hostess happened to have a friend who was a professional pianist. The kids had fun playing outside, ate a picnic supper, and then came inside to take turns playing for one another. Then the pro pianists took a turn. She performed a few pieces and showed off her own CD's, which was really motivating for everyone!

There are lots of fun music games that you can play to test kid's knowledge of music history, music theory and more.  

One fun game that works for musicians and non-musicians alike is to tell a story giving some facts about the life of a famous composer. Then, divide everyone into teams and play a trivia quiz game. Team 1 gets asked a question, and they can answer it correctly for one point, and if they miss Team 2 gets a chance to steal the point. Lots of fun and learning something at the same time!  

Tell us about your easy piano party ideas and games!

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