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A Music Cake incorporates musical elements for a salute to music, which is truly the universal language!

Music Note Cake

This is a cake made for several music students who were coming over. The change in color in the icing throughout the design was done to match the napkins.

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

When would you serve a music theme cake?

  • At a rock star party or for any music theme party
  • Use it at an adult birthday party for those who love music
  • At a party at a music studio (such as a piano party)
  • To serve after a music recital, such as a piano recital or choir concert party

You can also opt to make a cake about a specific instrument, such as a guitar cake.

More Music Cake Ideas

For any music lover, how about an ipod cake?

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

Edible Images & Cake Toppers

You can create images of music notes or instruments with icing, but sometimes it might be easier to use an edible image or purchase a cake topper, like these available thru this Amazon affiliate link:


Show Off Your Cake!

Show us your great cake and tell us how you did it!

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