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Take a Ballerina Cake, a group of little girls, and some sparkle, and you have a fun and easy kids birthday party idea!

Ballet Party

Lots of little girls love ballerinas and taking ballet lessons making a ballerina irthday party a popular option. Chances are that the ballet studio near your home offers ballet parties for a very reasonable fee.   That is an easy option, because the instructor will hold the party in their studio, and already have the best music and dances available.

If you have space for your little ballerinas to dance, you can also do it at home.  Lead them thru dancing, skipping and twirling dances. Great music to use would be some of the favorites from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.

Either way, have lots of fun costumes and dress up items for the girls (info on how to make tutus are at the bottom of this page!)

If you are doing a party at home, you can also screen a copy of the Barbie Swan Lake DVD (Amazon link), Barbie Nutcracker DVD or Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses DVD. (Amazon Link.)

Making a Ballerina Cake

Cake with Ballerina Candle Holders

This cake was used by my friend Lisa for her daughter's birthday. She says "The ballerina candle holders were from my ballerina themed cake for my birthday when I was a little girl!" I had some ballet cake decorations just like these too. 

Adding cake toppers like these are probably the easiest birthday cake idea for this party. 

You can find toppers like these online:

Ballet Cake Pans

Wilton used to make a beautiful shaped cake pan that was a pair of ballet slippers, but it has been retired. You may be able to find one online, especially on ebay.

Ballet Party Decorations

If doing the party at home, create a great atmosphere with:

  • Ballet Posters (does your local dance store have anything to share?)
  • Metallic Silver and Gold Stars
  • Tulle or Streamers and Balloons in Pink and White
  • Mix in photos of your favorite ballerina!
Little Ballerina

Ballet No Sew DIY Tutus

I think the number one thing that you need at a ballet party is for each little girl to wear a tutu! It will double as a party favor, and the girls will love dressing up!

Tutus are fairly easy to make, and a great tutorial can be found at this link to page on how to make a tutu.

Ballet Class

Show Off Your Cake!

Show us your great cake and tell us how you did it!

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