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Green party ideas are coming more and more into the forefront. With everyone more focused on the environment, it is time to do everything we can, including planning our party ideas, to protect our planet.

Here are some tips to help reduce the waste and environmental impact of your party.

Green Party Invitations

  • Send out an electronic invitation via an online service like Evite or Paperless Post. 
  • Try the old-fashioned way of inviting your guests personally.
  • Use invitations made out of flower seeds. You can even make plantable paper.
  • If using regular paper invitations, look for those that are 100 percent post-consumer recycled.

  • Going Green at the Party

  • It is always important to know how many people are coming at any party, but particularly if you are trying to protect resources. By knowing how many people are coming, you'll have the right amount of food and party supplies. That will not only help save the environment, but will also help save you money!
  • If you want to use paper plates, look for ones that are biodegradable and compostable. Stay away from Styrofoam which won't break down easily.
  • For snacks, drinks and other party food, try to make selections to serve to  your party guests that are in season and local.
  • In addition to a trash can, make sure you have a clearly marked and easily accessible recycling can so guests will be able to help you with your recycling efforts. 
  • Green Party Favors

    Just because you are trying to prevent waste doesn't mean that you can't give a great party favor!

    Weigh your options of what might go well with your theme, using the party favor suggestions found on this site. Here are some ideas to then turn them "green":

  • Give "green party" favors, such as gifts in paper or cloth reusable bags, tumblers, truly useful items, etc.
  • Give a small plant, such as a succulent.
  • Ask guests to bring a donation instead of a gift. They can bring a monetary donation to the charity of your choice, bring a book to donate to the library or a children's hospital, or bring items needed by a charity of your choice (such as items needed at an animal shelter).
  • Beau-coup, which is my "go to" source for beautiful and unique party favors, offers several items that are eco-friendly! Shop Beau-coup's selection of exquisite environmentally friendly party favors

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