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The pinata party game is a long tradition. 

As a matter of fact, it can be traced back at least as far as Marco Polo and his adventures in China!

Today, it is often included on lists of kids games, particularly to be played at birthday parties.

But you can include a pinata in any event, from wedding showers to Christmas!

Best of all, it is easy and very inexpensive to make your own pinata!

Here are some basic instructions for having a pinata at your next party.

Pinata Instructions

You'll need the following to play the game:

  • A pinata, which is filled with candy and treats before the party
  • Rope to hang the pinata
  • Pinata Stick
  • Loot Bags (one for each child)
  • Blindfold (optional) 

Hang the pinata with the rope. Popular places to hang one include:

  • Tree
  • Swingset
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Porch Beam

Draw a line on the ground, a safe distance from the pinata. Instruct the players that if it isn't their turn, they MUST stay behind this line.  

Give each player a loot bag. When the pinata busts open, they can fill their loot bags with the treats and treasures that fall out and cover the ground.

Line up the players in any way you choose. One popular way is youngest to oldest. If you are celebrating a birthday, let the birthday person go first.

Small children should not be blindfolded. But older kids may enjoy the challenge of being blindfolded. Adding this element is fun as well for adults and teens. Never force someone to wear a blindfold if they don't want to.

Allow each player 3 hits with the pinata stick. Then it is the next players turn (remember to stay safe behind the line!)

Once the pinata busts open, allow the players to collect their loot. Everyone should stay behind the line until the hitter has stopped hitting!

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Have You Made a Great Pinata?

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