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Oh no, you say! Halloween games for school parties are needed!

Don't worry!

You can check out some of our favorite games for the classroom, but sometimes you need something else.

Something that they can do from their seats...

That doesn't require a lot of planning...

That doesn't require a lot of adults to help...

Or expense!

Printable Halloween Games for School Parties

There are lots of links here for print and play halloween games, so room moms and teachers, enjoy!

Halloween party planning just got better because this will make your school party planning much easier!

The items on this list are games that you can purchase and print from your computer. Available at all levels, you are sure to find something here that will suit your needs.

And, you can also use these for a Halloween birthday party or other event when you need kid party games.

First, how about some printable games? There are some great games available from PrintGamesNow.com Printable Games. (Affiliate Link) Their offerings of Printable Halloween Games for Kids include a big variety of choices, including printable games for non-readers, as well as challenging games for kids. They have perfected the art of "print and play" games and have many satisfied customers.

Halloween Party Games Pack: over 50 printables for all the family!

Some other ideas in the "print and play" category are available as well.

More Printable Halloween Fun: Halloween Treasure Hunts and Halloween Mysteries

If you don't want to purchase a Halloween treasure hunt or Halloween scavenger hunt game, you'll find some free ideas to get you started on our website on our hunts page.

If solving a mystery is more to your liking, there are lots of Mysteries available from Simplifun Studios.

The external websites listed on this page are great resources, and we are proud to be an affiliate.

Halloween Word Games

One other fun idea is to get together a "mad libs" type word puzzle. When I've worked in the classroom, sitting with a class over lunch period when the lunchroom was unavailable, I've brought in a "mad libs" puzzle. Draw names to determine who fills in which blank. Then read the final story to the class. They love it! It works great with elementary age children.

Halloween Story Time

While technically not Halloween games for school parties, younger children will love to hear a story.

Some of our favorite Halloween stories are great for a Halloween storytime. These include the books The Witch Next Door by Norman Bridwell, and Georgie by Robert Bright. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Visiting your local library should turn up some more excellent Halloween books to read to your favorite class of students.

Have A Great Halloween Idea?

Do you have a great idea for celebrating Halloween? Share it!

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