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A "This is your Life Party" is a great way to honor anyone with a birthday.

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Have you heard of the television show? “This is your Life?”

It began as a radio show in 1948, and has appeared on television in several countries since that time.

It has even been spoofed on cartoons, comedy shows and other TV specials.

And it is sometimes done at the best adult birthday parties!

In the show, the host would read a sort of biography of the honoree, who was surprised by “mystery” guests from their past.

I think that doing a “This is your Life Party” as a surprise party is best of all. If the party isn’t a surprise, make sure that the birthday guy or girl doesn’t know the entire guest list.

That will be part of the surprise!

And make sure that the guests who will take part in the “this is your life” program remain a mystery and stay out of sight! That way the honoree won’t know that they are there at the party until the right moment.

At the birthday party, seat the honoree in a special chair in front of everyone (or on a stage if our party will be in a hall). Have several “surprise” guests from different stages in his or her life hide behind a curtain or outside the room.

This is your Life Party ideas

One at a time, have each of them tell a story about the honoree – some will be funny, some will be touching. Then it is up to the birthday guy or girl to guess who the speaker is.

Afterwards, be sure to let any “non-mystery” guests have the opportunity to chime in with a roast, birthday toast or favorite story.

And make sure it all gets on video!

Check out our decade timeline which lists some of the important events of the 20th (and now 21st century). Feel free to use them as you plan this adult birthday party.

For This is Your Life Party decorations, you could…

  • Blow up photos of the birthday guy or gal from different times in their lives – from birth to present!
  • Decorate with things that the honoree loves – for example, gardening, books, travel, etc.
  • Decorate with items representative of the different decades and group them together as a centerpiece, area of the room, etc. Such as stuff from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. Our decade timeline can give you lots of ideas, as well as links to party supplies for all your shopping needs.

    For birthday party music at a This is Your Life Party, play the favorites from their youth – their teens and twenties. They, and their friends, will love it!

    If you wish – tell guests for the birthday party beforehand that a gift isn’t necessary – their presence will be the best present of all!Good luck, and tell me how it goes!

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