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Here is a listing of a few more fun water games for you to enjoy at your next beach party, pool party, or anytime you want to cool off...

A list of fun water games to help you stay cool on hot summer days!

Dribble, Dribble, Drench – You’ll need a cup of water. This game is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose. Have players sit on the ground in a circle. One player is “It”. "It" goes around the outside of the circle, patting each child on the head and saying “dribble” for each player. “It” will say “dribble” over and over until unexpectedly saying “drench!” and pouring the water over that person’s head. The drenched player must then hop up and run around the circle while playing a game of tag with "It"!

Ice Cube Melting Race - This makes the list for fun ice games. Give each player an ice cube. Who can get it the ice cube to melt the fastest?

Paint with Water - Give the players a paint brush and a bucket of water. Let them “paint” anything and everything! The house, the fence, everything!

Popsicle Toes – you’ll need a timer, child’s pool filled with water, ice cubes and a small bucket for each player. When ready to play, dump the ice cubes into the pool. Players must try to pick up as many ice cubes as possible within three minutes, and place the cubes into their bucket. The catch…you can only pick up the ice cubes with your toes!

Water Limbo – You’ll need a water hose. Turn on the water and place your thumb into the stream so that the water shoots out in a line. Have the players line up and go under the line of water one at a time. After everyone has had a turn, lower it. Keep going lower and lower until the kids are crawling under. At any point, let them “high jump” over it. Don’t worry about anyone being “out” if they hit the water. Let everyone have as many turns as they like for fun!

Fun Water Games for Little Ones

Toddler Water Safety

Little ones are easy to entertain in the water! Set them up with a little pool and gentle sprinklers and they'll have a lot of fun playing in the water.

Parents and caregivers need to be diligent about supervising toddlers in the water. They can drown in as little as 1 - 4 inches of water, so keeping your eye on them at all times is necessary.

You'll also want to check the water temperature to make sure it is comfortable to both you and your child. Body temperatures fall much faster in water than on land, so you'll want to make sure the water isn't too cool and isn't too warm.

Don't forget sunscreen when playing fun water games!

More Fun Water Games

Water Relay Races - These games all involve playing together as teams in a relay style race! Fun and Exciting!

Water Balloon Games - These water balloon games all involve water balloons or water-filled sponges. A great way to cool off!

Water Gun Games-! Water gun games are always a hit, especially if you have lots of space in your party area.

Pool Games - If you have access to a pool, you won't want to miss our list of pool games!

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Wet Pinata
By: Lila P., Hilo Hawaii
Fill a garbage bag or giant ziploc with Water and place it in a pretty pillow case for cuteness. Have children hit at it- they don't know it's water. Every time every one gets a turn then secretly have the pinata holder poke a hole or a few holes in the bag so that some water starts to ooze out.  Play until

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