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Some folks are reinventing Christmas party ideas for their company. 

Come up with some fun ideas that your group will enjoy, and make them worth the effort.

This is the busiest time of year, and working a full day, then rushing home to get ready for a party...

It needs to be and must be a party they really want to go to (not just "have" to go to go to).

How about closing the office early and going bowling, playing Christmas bingo, or doing some other fun activity that will appeal to everyone?

Think about the demographic of the party.


Perhaps a Laser Tag event.

Crafty folks?

Perhaps a gingerbread house making party.

If you are looking into doing a fun Christmas themed party, visit our page of Christmas party themes for more ideas.

Another idea...

Skip a Company Christmas party altogether.

That's right.

With everyone so busy, you can instead have a toast at the end of the workday and pass out Christmas gifts at that time.

Then, plan a company party for an alternate time year. Perhaps celebrating the birthday of the company or the end of a fiscal year. You'll have more venue choices available (often at a lesser price). Even better, your employees might have a little more availability in their calendars to come to the party!

What have you done for your party? How about sharing your ideas? We'll add them to the website!

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