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I just had to share these absolutely awesome Christmas party ideas.

These are from a large international corporation, and all activities took place one afternoon on their corporate headquarters campus.

The theme was an Alpine Christmas Party, and they did a spectacular job.

While most companies don't have the budget to do this, perhaps it will give everyone some ideas...

Outdoor Fun

First, they had a snow mountain. That is right - they had a company come in and actually create a snowy mountain (this is in an area that normally doesn't have snow!). Employees could build a snowman, toss snowballs, and enjoy the cold.

They also had an ice skating rink set up, complete with ice skates to put on and performances by professional skaters, as well as horse-drawn carriage rides.


Virtual Games

In one room, they had an assortment of virtual winter games set up - virtual snowboarding, ski jumping, snow mobiles, slap stick hockey, bobsledding, speed skating, plus Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2 & PS3.


Their winter Alpine version of the BINGO game. Claim your prize by yodeling, "Little 'Ol Lady Who!" Gift cards awarded to winners.

Casino Games

What is your pleasure? They had it all - Blackjack, Russian Roulette, Craps...


There were plenty of performances by bands, dance teams, and other musicians. Different stuff too - a chorus, an accordionist, and yodeler...along with bands for dancing. These performances were set up in different areas of the campus.

More Activities

Snow Globe Making

  • A assorted menu of Alpine themed Christmas Party Foods was served.

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