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Business Christmas party ideas are tricky. Let's face it - you are looking to have a party to entertain your client base and that is your #1 goal...impressing the client.

Sometimes these are called "customer appreciation" or "client appreciation" events.

Planning a Business Christmas Party

The decision of whether to party or not to party totally depends on your industry, your clients, and business cycle.

Some industries are at their busiest at this time of year. Those who deal with finance year-end and those in retail would find it hard to put in one more thing on their schedule.

In real estate, for example, there is often a surge of activity at the end of the year, as buyers and sellers rush to close transactions before the end of the year for tax purposes. Add those time deadlines on top of an already busy season, and you probably won't have too many business clients come. Not a good idea to add the pressure of attending a business Christmas party.


If you are in an industry that is slow at the end of year, then perhaps having a party that is very casual - a come and go sort of thing, would be nice. You could even arrange a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant, again - depending on your clients.

Some companies like to invite their clients to their own company Christmas party or corporate Christmas party. Again, this depends on your industry and your clients. What works in some situations might not work well in others.

For those who are in a busy time of year, giving a gift a Christmas to your best clients can be in order. Then, during the rest of the year you can show your appreciate for them, as well as try to get to know them in a more casual atmosphere. In the business world, often business alliances are formed over lunch, dinner, and at the golf course. Taking clients to sporting events, and treating them to tickets to musicals, the theater, or whatever is of interest to them will also make a big impression. '

You can "party" with them all through the year, and at Christmas just send a nice rememberance.

Having that one on one personal time consistently over the year can usually go farther than any large event.

We're looking for ideas though, that people have done, and done successfully to strengthen their business ties with a Christmas party. If you've done it, share it with us!

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