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Christmas is a joyous time of year and perfect for entertaining! You may want to serve a Christmas cake at your party, or have special theme.

And don't forget the games! They will make your party fun, memorable, and unique!

Here are more top party ideas for Christmas:

Party Idea # 7 -

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

My good friend Connie grew up having Gingerbread House Decorating Parties. But your adult friends could do it too! Every year her mother baked gingerbread and made it into houses. Connie had her favorite friends over to decorate their gingerbread house (each friend got one) with icing, jelly beans, hard candies, etc. What a fun way to do a holiday craft with your friends!

Party Idea #8 -

Holiday Open House

The house is all decorated so you’ll want to show it off! Plan a holiday open house”for your neighbors, co-workers or friends.

Your holiday open house party can take place at any time of day or night…morning brunch, afternoon tea, or cocktails in the evening.

Open houses often are a come-and-go type party, which is good because everyone is so busy during the holidays and most people have several parties to attend!

Have a small gift for each guest as they leave. Perhaps a couple of cookies in cello bags. Hit the $1 store to have something fun for any kids that might stop by!

Party Idea #9 -

Christmas Movie Watching Party

Build a party around watching the great holiday and Christmas movies!

This can be a girl's night "in", a holiday slumber party idea, something fun to do with the family, or a full blown party based on a particular movie.

You can also turn this into a Christmas costume party by having everyone dress as a favorite movie character. Christmas costume ideas

Party Idea #10 -

Winter Wonderland Party

Celebrate all the wonderful and beautiful things winter brings at a Winter Wonderland Party.

Perfect for any age, and something you can make elegant or not. (Also a fun ice skating party theme!)

Have A Great Party Idea or Game?

Share your own great ideas from parties you've planned or attended!

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