Christmas Party Games

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Our list of fun Christmas party games includes lots of great Christmas party activities that will be easy for you to plan.

Some of these ideas work perfectly as classroom, family or even as Christmas office party games.

And don’t forget, almost everything on this list is a free Christmas party game! You can’t beat that!

Christmas Party Games List

Childhood Christmas Photo Game

Before the party, have everyone submit a photo of themselves as a child at Christmas. Number all the photos and post them in an area where everyone can view. Partygoers can guess who is the child in photo #1, photo #2, etc. This works great for office Christmas party games.

Christmas Bingo

Bingo is always enjoyed, no matter what the occasion! Make your own bingo cards with Christmas words or pictures to turn this classic into one of your new favorite Christmas party games.

Christmas Charades

Play the classic game of charades by using names of Christmas carols or other Christmas related words. Fun adult Christmas party games!

Christmas Carol Hunts

Hunts are always fun. Create a Treasure Hunt with Christmas Carols used as clues.

Christmas Carol Limbo

Do the limbo to Christmas carols!

Christmas Carol Name that Tune

Play song parts of Christmas carols and have everyone write down their best guesses for song #1, #2, etc. Award a prize to those who got the most right.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

Before the party make a list of Christmas Carols. Divide players into teams and play Pictionary using the titles of the carols. A leader from each team draws a slip of paper with a Christmas carol written on it. They have two minutes to draw while their team tries to guess the carol that they are drawing. If the team guesses correctly they get the point. If not, the other team gets a chance to “steal”. After the Christmas carol is guessed let everyone sing it! A fun adult Christmas party game.

Christmas Crafts

Of course you can always set up some Christmas crafts for everyone to do, such as decorating stockings, ornaments, cookies or gingerbread houses!

Christmas Detective Game

Prepare a list of questions, such as “who here was born in December”, “who here has an aluminum tree”, etc. Give one to each player and have players go around the room to find one person for each question. This is a classic ice breaker game, redone for our Christmas party games list.

Christmas Ice Breaker Game

Every host is looking for great Christmas party games that are icebreakers. Try this one. Before the party, get enough name tags for each guest. On each tag, place a letter in a different color. These letters should spell out a Christmas word or phrase. Each color spells out a different word or phrase. So, one group of name tags might spell out "ornament", with each tag having a one letter on it in red. Another group of name tags might have the word "reindeer" spelled out, with each tag having one letter on it in blue. As guests arrive, pass out name tags randomly. When everyone arrives, have guests find others with the same color letters, then combine their letters to spell a Christmas word or phrase.

Christmas Mad Libs

Create your own mad libs by taking the “Night before Christmas” poem deleting some words, and then asking for a noun, verb, adjective, number, etc. to fill in those blanks.

Christmas Office Party Game

Before the party secretly remove a personal object from each person’s desk. Number all the items and lay them out in an area where everyone can view. Partygoers can guess who is the owner of item #1, item #2, etc.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a Christmas stocking with unusual items. Let each guest feel the inside of the stocking (without looking) or feel inside the stocking (again, without looking) and make a list of what he or she thinks is in the stocking! The winner is the player with the most correct guesses. Be sure to put in a few challenging objects that will be hard to guess.

Christmas Talent Show

Let everyone (who wants to) participate in a talent show! Their talent must be holiday related…perhaps singing a Christmas carol, reciting a poem, or telling some fun Christmas party jokes!

Christmas No Talent, Talent Show

Have a pretend talent show to see who has the least talent! Team up players so they can work together. Some ideas are telling (bad) jokes, reciting a (bad) poem, playing with a band (badly – maybe on kazoo’s?), singing (badly) karaoke, magic tricks (badly done), dancing (bad), etc. Give awards for the worst. Make sure all the (un)talent entries choose a Christmas theme for their act!

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Go on a treasure hunt for Christmas items.

Christmas Trivia

Have a Christmas Trivia contest! Or play Trivial Pursuit with Christmas themed questions. Fun for business Christmas party ideas.

Christmas Walk

Played like a cake walk. Play Christmas music while everyone walks in a circle from number to number. Have a bowl full of numbers written on slips of paper that match the numbers on the floor. Draw one and give the winner a Christmas cookie, cake or pie. Give the other players a candy cane as a consolation prize. Kids love playing Christmas party games like this one!

Cookie Move

Have you seen this fun game? Place a cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth - with no hands.

Drawing Game

Divide players into teams to draw (and guess) Christmas related items in the Drawing Game.

Find the Reindeer

Hide reindeers (stuffed animals, photos, cutouts, whatever you wish) around the party area. Have guests try to find them. Give a prize to those that find a reindeer, or designate that whoever finds a predetermined reindeer wins a special prize.

Gift Wrap Game

Divide players into teams of two and give each team some wrapping paper, a box to wrap, scissors and tape. Next have each pair of players sit with one arm around each other. From this position, they’ll work together to wrap a gift…but they can only use their free hands! The first team to complete wrapping the gift (or to have gotten the farthest in 2 minutes) wins!

The Group Game

The object of this game is to gather in groups and get to know each other in the process. When you have a room full of people, have a leader call out a number. For example, “5”. The group will have 10 seconds to gather together into groups of 5. The leader will then instruct the groups to tell their other members something about themselves: their favorite movie, favorite color, pet’s name, etc. Then, the leader calls out another number and everyone groups together in that way. Works as a Chritmas party activity or whenever you have a large crowd.

Minute To Win It Christmas Challenge Games

Some of our favorite Christmas Minute to Win It inspired party games can be found here.

Night Before Christmas Game

Before the party prepare a handout of the Night Before Christmas, but take out some of the words and insert blanks. Pass out the handout to your guests and see how many blanks everyone can completely fill in.

Ornament Toss

Try to toss unbreakable ornaments thru a large Christmas Wreath. A fun Christmas party kid game!

Off Limits Game

Play the standard off-limits party game Some suggested Christmas words are ornaments, decorating, shopping, Santa, and Christmas!

Pass the Bow

Played like Hot Potato, but with a bow!

Pass the Orange

Divide players into two (or more) lines. Give the leader of each line an orange to tuck under his chin. The leaders then pass the orange to the next person, without using their hands. When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again. The first team to have every person in their line serve as leader wins!

Pass the Parcel

Wrap a gift in several layers of paper/boxes. All players gather in a circle. While music plays, the parcel (present) is passed from player to player. When the music stops, the player who is holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer. Then, the music begins again and the parcel is passed around until the music stops. The game ends when the last layer has been opened and the present is revealed! For small children, you might want to include a small item for each child in the final box – such as chocolate candies, candy canes, etc. Also fun if you make sure that everyone gets a turn unwrapping a layer!


Hit a Christmas themed piñata. Make your own out of newspaper, flour and crepe paper.

Pin the ….

Nose on Rudoph, Hat on Santa, Star on the Tree….A fun kid Christmas party game.

Present Game

You’ll need a pair of gloves, a die, and a present wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper or in several boxes, one inside the other. Everyone sits in a circle with the gloves and present in the middle. The first player rolls the die. If he gets a “6”, he gets to go to the middle of the circle, put on the gloves, and try to open the present. Meanwhile, other players take turns rolling the die. Whenever someone rolls a “6”, they take the place in the center and have a turn unwrapping the present with the gloves on. The game ends when someone has completely unwrapped the present and found what was inside.

Printable Christmas Games

You can purchase online Printable Christmas Party Games for Christmas fun - there are Christmas games for all ages and skill levels

Christmas Ribbon Game

Cut strips of ribbon in lots of different lengths and hide them around the party area. Have everyone try to find as many as possible, tying them together as they go. Whoever has the longest ribbon wins!

Santa Says

Played just like Simon Says, but with Santa! Good for school Christmas party games. The kids love it!

Skating Race

The old egg & spoon relay race, but use an ice cube instead of an egg and pretend to skate instead of running!


Divide into two teams - with each team having a blindfold, bowl, tablespoon and a bag of white cotton balls. A person from each team tries to put as many cotton balls (snowballs) into the bowl as they can with their eyes covered. The team who gets the most snowballs in the bowl wins. While waiting their turn, other players can cheer their teamates!

Twelve Days of Christmas

Divide players into 12 teams and give each team a “day” in the song that they should write a lyric for. If doing with a club group or office party, the new lyrics can center around what all the players have in common!

Unwrap the Gift

Fun for a birthday or as a Christmas party game idea. You’ll need a gift that has been wrapped in multiple boxes and multiple layers of gift wrap. Sit in a circle around a gift, with the first player holding the gift. On “Go” the first player has 10 seconds to try to open the gift as much as he can. When 10 seconds is up, the gift passes to the next person for a turn. After another 10 seconds the gift is passed to the next person. The winner is the lucky person who ultimately gets to the gift inside. For younger players, adjust the time allowed to work on opening the gift.

Who Am I?

Take turns figuring out what Christmas character you are in the Who Am I? Game. Christmas party game rules are the same as any other party, just use seasonal characters.

Who Is it?

Find out how well all the party goers really know each other with the easy and fun Who Is It? Game.

Have A Great Christmas Idea?

Do you have a great party theme or party game for a Christmas party? Share it!

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Find Santa, Shared by: Carmella, Phillipines

Hide separately three(3) pairs of Santas that come in different sizes (small, medium, large) and a very tiny one inside the house and ask everyone to look for them. Assign a certain prize or amount  of cash to each. The one who finds the smallest Santa gets the jackpot ! 
Another is put under tables and chairs santa's picture and ask guests to look for them.  One who finds MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !  wins the Jackpot !

Guess that Song, Shared by: Anonymous

People will draw numbers from a can and then when there number is called they will go up and when the music starts they have 10 seconds to try to guess the song.

Snowball Fight, Shared by: Crystal in Alexandria, KY

Split into two groups. Use white rolled up socks to fill up buckets or clothe baskets. When you say go, they throw the "snowballs" at each other. if you are hit, you are out.

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