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Need Christmas costumes for a Christmas party? Sure! Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Costumes parties are fun any time of year.

Here are some ideas for Christmas theme costumes that you put together from your closet or shop for online.

Your local party store is a great source for full costumes, as well as basic costume items like Santa beards, elf shoes, and angel wings.

You may also find some basic costume accessories, such as Santa hats and reindeer antlers, at your local Walmart or discount store.

Popular choices are:

  • Santa
  • Mrs. Clause
  • Reindeer
  • Elf
  • Snowman
  • Grinch

Most of these, especially the Santa suit, should be pretty easy to find in a local store or online.

You can easily become a reindeer by wearing brown with an antler headband. I once had a party for my daughter's birthday that was a Rudolph party. Each guest was provided with brown tights, skirt and top and antlers so they could come dressed to the party as reindeers! Maybe brush up on your reindeer trivia so you can share facts about yourself!

More ideas for Christmas Costumes

If you are still searching, here are a few more creative costume ideas for a Christmas party that are my absolute favorites!

In the unique and sure to be remembered costume category...

  • Grinch Costume- top half of a Santa suit, Santa hat, and some green skin!
  • A "Who" or "Cindy Lou Who" Costume - a red cape and a crazy hairdo!
  • Stocking Costume - Purchase the biggest stocking you can find, cut out leg holes at the bottom and climb inside. Use suspender to help hold it up. Dress as a doll or toy that is sticking out of the top of the stocking.
  • Doll or Toy Costume - My favorite doll costumes...Raggedy Ann or Barbie!
  • Ornament Costume - remake that M&M costume or Pumpkin costume into an ornament with tinsel and sparkles
  • Gift Costume- cut arm, leg and head holes from a large box. Wrap and add a bow!

  • Great Visitor Ideas

  • Do you have a fun costume photo? If so, share it on this site!.
  • Read this great idea for a holiday costume party shared by our site visitor, Scott from Ohio.

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