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Christmas party decorating ideas remind me of my mother...

She has a saying that "everything that is old is new again".

Think about it.

Whether you call it going retro or going vintage, one thing is for sure...

Pulling out vintage Christmas decorations from your attic, store room or parent's homes can be a treat.

Exclamations of "Oh! I remember this!" can be heard.

You'll enjoy bringing these old decorations back to use, and so will your guests, who will have as much fun remembering them from years past as you will.

Where to Find

If you don't have any old Christmas decorations, check around... you can try some of these sources:

  • thrift stores
  • garage sales
  • Ebay
  • Other great places to look are garage sale, but particularly estate sales.

    Estate sales often occur when someone has died. The family has taken the pieces they want, and the other items are left to be sold, often everything is still in the house. If you are looking for particular items, get in touch with people in your area who are in the business of organizing estate sales. Very often they will be happy to notify you when they are holding a sale that has items that are on your "wish list."

    One of my friends takes it to the next level, and even has a vintage silver aluminum tree!

    She found it one year at an estate sale and snapped it up quickly. She actually puts up too trees in her house. This one, plus a more "traditional green" one.

    Other Ideas

    Another fun decoration idea can be to use old toys in your decor. A baby buggy, old car set, or building blocks from your childhood can be exciting too.

    Set up the old train set around the Christmas tree. It really adds an air of nostalgia!

    In our current age of trying to reuse and recycle, it makes sense to get out our old decorations and let them see the light.

    The trip down memory lane isn't too bad either!

    Add photos of your retro and vintage decor...

    Do you have some great items in your collection? Share them here and we'll add them to the website for other to enjoy!

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