Reindeer Poop Bingo

by Mary
(Brandenburg, KY)

This is really not a gift exchange, but something fun for the whole family. Our family does this every year and even the children love to play.

To prepare for the party, the hostess will spend about $25 to $30 to purchase $1 and $2 items. It can be anything from a nail file to hand sanitizer to a box of tissues or a large candy bar. The Dollar Tree is a great place to shop for the gifts. The hostess wraps all the gifts -- nothing fancy unless you want to. One gift must be wrapped with reindeer poop. Some people like to shake the gift boxes so use your imagination. Some of us have wrapped a box with just a piece of paper in it saying "reindeer poop." It can be anything as long as when they open it, they'll know that they received the reindeer poop.

Play bingo like you usually would. As people bingo, let them pick a gift BUT DO NOT OPEN until all the gifts have been won. At the end, everyone opens their gifts and whoever has the reindeer poop is the person who buys the gifts for the next year. Enjoy!! You wouldn't believe the ones in our family who really want to get the reindeer poop!!!

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