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Birthday cupcakes are fun at a birthday party! Kids love having their very own party cake, and there are times when serving cupcakes is easier than serving a birthday cake.

Here are some cute photos for inspiration!

First Birthday Cake -

Give the birthday child their very own party cake for their first birthday. A cupcake is the perfect size!

~Shared by my friend Heather

Cupcake Wrappers -

Have you seen darling cupcake wrappers? They come in several different designs (and colors!) including the popular princess wrappers and train wrappers.

Talk about an easy way to make a birthday treat very festive! This is it!

Lady Bug Cupcakes

These cute ladybug cupcakes are perfect for a Lady Bug Party or just to celebrate spring!

For instructions on how to make, visit our Ladybug Cake page.

~Shared by my friend Christy

 Hockey Cupcake -

Share your favorite team with your friends by using this cute sports themed idea!

Check out our Hockey Cake Page for ideas on a matching hockey cake.

~Shared by my friend Heather

Initial Cupcakes

How about doing a "monogram" such as a cupcake with your inital on it?

~Shared by my friend Leah

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