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Remember prom?

Adult Prom Party ideas start springing to my mind when I see young couples out, all nicely dressed up, and you know they are off to a high school dance.

Some people have really fun memories of prom and would love to do it again to relive that special party night. Or perhaps you didn’t go to prom and wonder if you would have had a good time...

Get together with your friends and have a prom party! It can be from a certain high school class (sort of like a homecoming reunion), or it can be just for friends that you love to hang out with.

Ideas for an Adult Prom Party

Adult Prom PartyParent Prom Party, held in the high school gym

Start by getting a group of friends together who are on board. Next, have everyone invite lots of people – this is a must! Find a location big enough to hold everyone – a gym at a rec center has that “high school gym” feeling, without breaking the bank. As mentioned above, this makes a great theme for a class reunion, but it could also make a great party idea held in conjunction with a school auction fundraiser party. 

We had a "parent prom" recently. Why let your kids have all the fun? We decorated the gym, hired a DJ, and even let the teenagers take a turn working the prom - decorating, setting out food and beverages and keeping it stocked and cleaning up!

If you have a theme, make sure you dress the part. Seriously - go all out. It is especially fun to dress as you would have back in high school. For example, if you went to school in the 80's, you'll have fun pulling out some 80's fashions to wear. If you didn't go to school in the 80's, there are chances that you know someone who will still have clothes at the back of their closet from this time period, or has items that can be adapted to look like they are from that time period.

And finally, the music – pick your favorite retro hits. If you don’t want to spend the money on a band or DJ, hook up downloaded music to a speaker system!

What is a prom without punch? Include a punch table and finger food refreshments for everyone.

Make sure you include a photographer in the evening festivities. Having everyone pose under an arbor or in another setting is a standard prom activity. Post the pictures later for everyone to share and enjoy, and download if they wish.

Need a special theme (other than just "prom")? Some popular themes for prom could be used, and these are some of the time-tested favorites:

Best part about this adult party idea? No chaperones!

Adult Prom Party Ideas

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