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A beautiful wedding shower cake is a must!

When planning a bridal shower, you want everything to be perfect! Here are some fun ideas for you...

I think the idea of a "box" cake is perfect for a wedding shower. After all, the bride will be opening lots and lots of gift boxes!

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Perhaps you are going to serve petite fours at your shower, but need a great centerpiece?

If so, create a wedding cake made of flowers!

I made this wedding shower cake for a friend's bridal shower. This flower cake made a great centerpiece, and a fun gift for the bride to take home with her after the shower.

Easy to make (always a plus!)'s how:

You'll need:

  • Fresh Flowers - I used three bouquets from the grocery store. Purchase as many as you need, depending on the size. I used flowers that the bride was planning to use in her bouquet, but you could also use colors from the wedding or do a cake in all white flowers.
  • Florist Foam - Use the kind that retains water after you soak the foam. That way the fresh flowers will stay beautiful.
  • Cake Topper - I found mine at the $1 store! You could use bells, bows, or a collection of flowers on top. Just as wedding cakes have all sorts of things as cake toppers can use a variety of things for your flower cake.
  • Plate or Base - I purchased a deep plate to set my creation on. I wanted something that could hold any water from the foam, and make the centerpiece easy to carry. To make:
  • Simply cut out the foam in the layers of the cake (mine is 2 layers).
  • Soak the foam until it is full of water.
  • Use toothpicks to secure the layers of foam together and place on your plate or base.
  • Insert flowers. I cut stems to about 1 1/2" to insert.
  • I made this centerpiece the night before the bridal shower and placed in my refrigerator until the big day. Good luck!

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