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There are few times in your life when you can act completely crazy, let your hair down, and throw caution to the wind. A bachelorette party is one of those rare occasions when you can let it all hang out, and get applauded for it.

So you're in charge of planning the bachelorette party. What's the secret to a great hen's night out (or in)? Bachelorette games, of course. Bachelorette parties are all about hanging out with friends, creating memories and laughing your tail off! After all, what's a party without laughs? (A business meeting).

Whether you're planning an extravagant party with money to burn, or you're on a shoestring bachelorette budget, bachelorette entertainment and bachelorette party games go hand and hand.

What are the Best Bachelorette Party Games?

Finding the best bachelorette games depends on the type of party you're having. Maybe you're looking for super clean bachelorette party games, or maybe you're interested in something a little spicier.

It's not just about "naughty" or "nice" bachelorette games, it's also about where you're hosting your party. If you're thinking of a bar hop, nothing heats up the night like bar dares or a scavenger hunt. A bachelorette bar hop without bachelorette games is just another Friday night. But with a few fun hen night games, you're a party planning hero.

You can have just as much fun at home with bachelorette style games like the "purse game" or pin-the-parts (you know the rest). Mix in the right music, party supplies and themed cocktails for full bachelorette experience.

Even if your bachelorette party is a road trip or a flight to New York or Vegas, you still want to plan fun bachelorette party games to get your girls in the bachelorette mood! Can you imagine playing a scavenger hunt in an airport? It's unbelievably fun! Bachelorette games are a great way to make the traveling portion of your trip just as fun as the destination itself.

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Easy Bachelorette Games

The easiest bachelorette games are printable bachelorette party games. But, there are lots of easy bachelorette party games that you can play that require only a little bit of planning on your part.

Would You Rather

This is a great game to play while waiting to be served dinner or killing time until your party bus arrives. To play this bachelorette game, have everyone write out a few "Would you rather" statements on a piece of paper.

For example:
"Would you rather kiss a man with no teeth or kiss a spider?"
"Would you rather tip-toe barefooted across a pile of trash or in swamp water?"

Yes, these questions are disgusting. That's what makes the game entertaining. Put all the slips of paper in a hat. Each girl draws slip of paper and answers the question. In addition, she tries to guess who would have come up with such a gross question.

This bachelorette game (like so many others) can also be turned into a drinking game. If the person correctly guesses who wrote the question, she doesn't drink. If she's incorrect, she takes a sip of champagne!

Donuts on a String: Bachelorette Version

This game is a clean bachelorette party game that's perfect for a home party. You may have played donuts on a string as a kid. All good things come around again!

Free Bachelorette Party Game

First of all, everyone loves donuts. Yes, they're bad for you. Remember, a bachelorette party is a free pass to do whatever you want, so the calories don't count!

The difference between the kid's version and the bachelorette version is that you tie all the donuts to one string. Tie one donut per bachelorette onto a very long string. Space the donuts about two feet apart. Have two people hold each end of the string. Or, fasten each end of the string to two pieces of stationary furniture that are several feet apart. The donuts should all hang in a row a few feet from the ground.

Bachelorettes get on their knees, one bachelorette in front of each donut. Each bachelorette places her hands behind her back. When the host yells, "eat", the bachelorettes must eat their donuts off the string with only the use of their mouths. It's much harder than you might think and the string will wiggle around! The first one to finish wins!

Bachelorette Bar Dares

You can get some amazing and creative bar dare games to save you the work. But, say you're out and about and don't have one, here's a remedy: have each guest write a bar dare on a napkin.

Fold the napkins and place them in the center of the table. One at a time, have each lady draw a napkin and perform the dare. The table can cheer her on as she attempts her dare.

Dares should be realistic, doable and to be more fun, slightly embarrassing. Not everyone can do a cartwheel, so you might want to mention this as a "rule" for creating dares.

What are some interesting dares?

* "Make your way to restroom, spinning in circles and singing a song from Mary Poppins."

* "Get someone in the bar to purchase you a free drink."

* "Get someone to autograph one of your body parts."

The more creative your friends, the more fun this bar game with be!

Honeymoon Night

This is a funny bachelorette party game for home parties (but you could take it on the road too). You'll need a shoe box and several items that a couple may use on their honeymoon night.

The more creative you can get with the items (and the less obvious), the more fun the game. Things to put in the shoe box might be: a tube of toothpaste, a condom, a stick of gum, a pair of panties, aspirin, lip gloss, chocolate bar, etc.

Cut a hole in the shoe box so that players can get one hand in the box without seeing the contents. Each player places her hand in the shoe box. On a slip of paper, each guest writes down what she thinks the contents are.

After everyone has had her turn, each lady reads her list. Then the host reveals the contents of the box. Hopefully she's tricked a few of her friends with some clever items!

The bride-to-be gets to keep the contents of the box and the guest who guessed most of the items correctly wins the game.

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