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Twenty Questions is a great party game that is easy, fun and thought provoking!

Using celebrity names makes this a fun teen party game to play at an Oscar, Star, or Hollywood party. (Find ideas for these parties and more at our teen party ideas page.)

This game of questions also goes at the top of our list for teenage birthday party games, perfect for a teen party or slumber party.

How to play Twenty Questions


This game requires no setup, and can be played anywhere, anytime!

To Play 20 Questions:

The person starting the game ("It") will think of a person, place or thing (decide before the game what limits you will have.) The other guests can ask up to 20 "yes" or "no" questions to try to figure out what "It" is thinking of.

Play continues until "It" has answered up to 20 questions.

20 questions, don't have to be asked...

At any time, a player may use their turn to try to guess the name of the famous person.

After everyone has had a turn to be "It", the person who guessed the most answers correctly is the winner!

How to make this a "Celebrity Style" Game:

The person starting the game ("It") will think of the name of a famous person. The other guests can ask up to 20 "yes" or "no" questions to try to figure out the name of the famous person.

More Variations:

Give the initials of the celebrity as a clue at the start of each round - this will make the game a bit easier.

You can also add in some other fun things, like doing an impersonation of a celebrity, or for someone who has a large number of movies, songs, etc. you can try to guess a particular movie or song.

Great News!

You don't have to worry about "how the game will go" if you purchase a copy of the game Twenty Questions. This game is highly rated and for folks who don't want to DIY, it makes an easy way to play some fun teen games. It would be good to have a copy of this stored away in the closet, handy and ready for anytime you want to play a game with friends.

Do you have any great teen party game ideas? If so, share with us!

What is your Favorite Teen Party Game?

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