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Infinite possibilities make a Star Wars Cake is fun to plan, and Star Wars is so popular for birthday parties!

There are always movies coming out, and the franchise just gets better with age. New fans are being introduced to Star Wars continuously, and it is something that young and old alike can share and love together.

There are some easy decorating options, cake pans, and toppers available online, but honestly, I think one of the most fun ideas for a Star Wars cake is to make a regular round or sheet cake, and then decorate it with your favorite and some of your most beloved small star wars action figures or pieces. If your Star Wars cake is for a kid's birthday party, let them actually place the pieces on the cake - this will make it even more special for them!

With all the options available for a Star Wars cake, here are shopping resources for some of the most popular items, and maybe a little inspiration for you too!

Star Wars Cake Supplies

Star Wars Kid Party Games

Games are so important for a party! Here are a few fun party games for a kid party...

Light Saber Tag

Before the party, make a light saber for each child. To do this, cut a pool noodle in half, and wrap one end (the handle) with black and silver duck table.

At the party, give each child a light saber.

Select one child to be "it." I always start with the birthday child being "it" first. You might have a special colored light saber for the "it" person to use.

On "go" - "it" must try to tag other children with his light saber. If he is successful, the tagged person must freeze.

The tagged person remains frozen until another child runs thru his legs - this is what "unfreezes" him.

Continue playing until each child has been frozen at least once.

Star Wars Pinata

I love to make pinatas - it is so easy to do (just a little time consuming, but still something I enjoy so it is worth the time.)

The easiest Star Wars pinata to make is a Death Star or Planet. Simply decorate a round balloon! The pinata stick can be decorated to look like a light saber too!

If you don't know how to do it check out our free tutorial on how to make a pinata.

Zip Zap Zop

This is a circle game, and it is often played with the teenagers, and younger (and older) kids can play it too.

Have everyone stand in a circle.

Have one person throw an imaginary ball to someone else and say "Zip!"

Person 1 throws the imaginary ball to someone else and says 'Zap!"

Person 2 throws the imaginary ball to someone else and says "Zop!"

Person 3 throws the imaginary ball to someone else and says "Zip!"

Then play continues as the imaginary ball gets thrown from one person to another (in random order as to who gets it next, all while people are saying Zip or Zap or Zop.

If the ball is thrown to you and you say the wrong thing (Zip, Zap or Zop in the wrong order), then you are out of the game.

Play continues until there is an ultimate winner (or two - sometimes we take it down to just the final two people.)

Play the game quickly - the faster you play, the harder it is!

Adult Star Wars Games

Adults might like to play some Printable Star Wars Games. Read my review of a Printable Games resource, and you can visit them to read out their Star Wars products.

Adults might also like some fun "minute to win it" type game challenges. Adapt the name/descriptions of the game to align with the names of Star Wars characters, tasks, or situations.

I love a good costume party, and having everyone come in a costume from Star Wars would be fun. It could be simple too - just add a tunic and you can be Hans Solo, or get elaborate and be one of the characters with a rather involved and creative costume. When you get down to it, you can even create your own character.

Popular character guessing games can include Who Am I, the Match Game, and Celebrity 20 Questions (use characters instead of celebrities.)

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