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A skating party at a rink is a great destination party! (and one of the most popular ideas for parties of this sort. Other popular destination parties are bowling parties and movie parties.)

Destination parties are easy to plan. The activities and party games take care of themselves, because the location is the party activity.

Here are some helpful hints for your party:

Ice Skating Party Cake

Skating Party Hints and Tips:

If you are having a party, whether an ice skate party or roller skate party, you'll either need to have everyone meet you at the rink, or you'll need to provide transportation to get everyone there and bring them back to a pick up point. If that is the case, make sure you plan enough cars, parents and time for transportation.

If serving your birthday cake at the skating rink, great alternatives to cake are easy to serve cupcakes or a cookie cake. Forget the ice cream, it will be too hard to keep cool. No other snacks should be necessary.

There are also lots of really cute skating party invitations available at Amazon online because this is such a popular party!

skating party

I went to one ice skate party were the party favor was a book about Olympic ice skaters. I thought that was a really clever idea.

Other favors ideas could include candy, glow sticks or gift cards to a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop for a free treat.

And, if you are having a slumber party, sometimes it is fun to leave and go on an outing. If your skating is part of a slumber party, make sure you watch a fun themed movie, such as Ice Princess when you return. A fun slumber party craft would be to make snowflakes out of tissue paper!

skating party

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