Preschool Party
Planning Tips and Ideas

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Planning a fun birthday preschool party, specifically for ages 3 to 5, is a lots of fun. The kids are eager, obedient, and anxious to do whatever you have planned. They are ready to dive into your party theme using all their imagination!

Here are some ideas to help the party go smoothly:

  • Plan for the party to last about 90 minutes.
  • Plan an arrival activity. Some ideas are to make place mats, decorate treat bags or do some other open ended craft activity. You can also have fun things like lots and lots of balls or playground equipment available.
  • Plan extra games - it is not fun when the game you thought would take 10 minutes takes 2!!
  • Having helpers is always good. Tell your helpers exactly what you'll need them to do during the party ahead of time so they are prepared.
  • Be aware of food allergies with your guests, and plan for it if needed.
  • Put away your child's favorite toys. Even though we are supposed to "share", it can be hard, especially under the stress (yes, even though fun it can be stressful) of a party!
  • For shy kids, remember it is OK. Offer to let them be your "assistant", but if they want to sit out a game or two (or all) that is OK. Don't draw attention to them.
  • If older silblings show up, put them "to work".
  • Plan for the weather. It doesn't matter if it is always 75 degrees and sunny. The day of your party may be the 1 day out of 364 that it rains!
  • To occupy kids during cake time, play a game of "I Spy".
  • Some fun craft ideas for this age are: decorating sport jerseys (t-shirt), crowns and making magic wands. Coloring sheets are always a favorite!
  • Other favorite kids party games include Duck Duck Goose, Tag and playing with a parachute.
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