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"Play Bingo!" my friend Amy said. That was all she had to say. I was all in!

She was inviting me to attend a charity fundraiser event that was a bingo night.  Bingo is always fun, and you can see why it is popular on cruise ships, in retirement homes, and in bingo parlors all over town! It would be a fun night for any party, whether you are planning to support a charity, celebrate a birthday, or just have fun!

Bingo nights are probably so popular because they are easy to put together, people of all ages can participate, and they are fun! Plus, it is a classic game that most people know how to play already. Bottom line - don't just limit it's use to be only used for adult party games.

Have a small prize for the person who gets a line in any direction marked off their card. Prizes can be purchased ahead of time, or depending on the party, you can ask everyone to chip in a few dollars for a prize pot.

Important! If you are setting up your game for charity, be sure to look into whether you must have a license to play bingo as a fundraiser where you live. If you are planning on creating a Bingo Night Fundraiser, visit the Better Fundraising Ideas website. They have a lot of great fundraising ideas that I have used for different organizations and events in the past.

Play Bingo with Customized Cards

You can search online for bingo cards, but you can also easily make your own. As a matter of fact, DIY is a perfect way to tailor your game to your party. If you were planning an event like a bridal shower party, you could play bridal bingo. Or if it were a birthday party, you could create cards specific to the birthday guy or girl. For example for Bridal Bingo, you could...

Create bingo cards for each player, with the spaces including things the bride might receive at the shower, and the word BRIDE across the top (instead of bingo). When it is time to open presents, give the guests a bingo card and a pencil. As the bride opens presents, they can mark off the items she receives that are listed on their card.

It is easy to come up with themes for your game board based on the time of year. For fun ideas visit these bunco night themes.

It is easy to create your own card. Simply make a grid that is 5 spaces across and 5 spaces below. Across the top, you'll need a 5 letter word related to your party. You can also purchase generic cards, as well as calling cards or for extra fun numbers in cages! Here are the best options available from trusted Amazon:

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