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Time to plan a Christmas party.

It is going to be sensational!

Here are the steps to planning the perfect party for the holiday season. We've created a guide just for you!

Christmas Party Theme

The first thing to consider on our list is...

What type of party will it be? 

There are so many options here...

Will it be in during the morning, afternoon or evening?


Have a brunch before everyone hits the stores to go shopping...


Host a cookie exchange, ornament exchange or even an open houses....


This is where we really get into endless possibilities!

You could have a dinner party, cocktails, or just appetizers. It can a come-and-go affair or the main event. And you can have a party on the move, such as caroling or a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Visit our list of Top Christmas party theme ideas, select your favorite party idea, and then come back to this page to plan your party.

Planning a Christmas Party Date

The most important thing is to plan your date as early as possible and send out a "save the date" notice to your guests.

During the holidays, everyone has more opportunities for ways to spend their time. Shopping, decorating, baking...but everyone should save time for fun. This is where your party comes in.

By letting everyone know the date and time of your party as early as possible, you'll be sure to be on their calendar first.

Christmas Party Location

Where will the party be? At home is the easiest (and least expensive!).

This is a big consideration when you are a planning a Christmas party.

If you would like to find a place to have your party other than your home, some ideas are:

  • Community Center
  • Church Fellowship Hall
  • Hotel Meeting Room or Ballroom
  • Country Club Meeting Room or Ballroom
  • Private Room at a Restaurant
  • If you are planning a party that includes an activity, such as a horse drawn carriage to go look at Christmas light, you'd want to gather someplace convenient to the carriage pick-up point....

    Just like getting the date to your guests early, you need to book your location early too, as they are in high demand. Having the party at your home gives you more flexibility with choosing a date as well.

    Christmas Party Guest List

    Will you include spouses/dates? Will you include children?

    Make sure you state that plainly on your "save the date notice" and invitation so that your guests can plan. It is no fun finding a babysitter (or a date) on short notice! (Babysitters may be busy planning a Christmas party of their own...)

    Christmas Party Food

    The type of food you'll be serving will be determined by the type of party you are having. If you are having a Christmas dinner party (read about ours here) then you'll plan a dinner.

    Otherwise, I like to serve appetizers.

    They are easy to prepare ahead of time and set out as needed. This means I get to spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun myself at the party!

    Check out our Christmas party food ideas.

    Christmas Party Decorations

    If your party is at home, it is probably already decorated with what you have done as your regular home decorating.

    If having your party someplace else, you may want to consider decorations that are easy to put up but have a large dramatic effect. One idea is to purchase and put up scene setter decorations.

    Christmas Party Games

    Plan an activity or two for your guests to enjoy. This will make the party memorable and stand out from the others. Our unbeatable list of Christmas party games will have lots of choices for you. 

    Christmas Party Favor

    If you give a momento, a small Christmas ornament might be something for you to consider.

    If it is personalized with the date of your party, all the better! Then when your guests place it on their own tree each year they will remember the fun they had at your party.

    More Christmas party favor ideas

    The best piece of advice for planning a Christmas party?

    Don't delay.

    Do it now, before you are too busy with other holiday events!

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