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Picking the perfect Christmas party favor should be part of your Christmas party planning.

Here are some favorite and popular holiday party favor ideas...


There are so many possibilities here.

You can create a personalized ornament yourself, or have one created for you.

The ornament could include the name and date of the party, a photograph, or a logo.

You can also select an ornament that has something to do with the theme of the party or the group that is invited.

Christmas Tree party ... how about an ornament that looks like a tree?

Party for your book club?

How about an ornament that looks like a book, or that can double as a bookmark?

Candy or Cookies

Yum! You can find so many cute candy treats that are holiday themed. From candy Christmas trees, to giant candy canes filled with chocolates, to small boxes of chocolates (sometimes you can find a cute box that looks like an ornament).

Make up a batch of cookies or fudge and put in a tin or in a cellphane bag - tied with ribbon this is a great party favor from the heart.

Here are some yummy recipes for Christmas treats.

Flip Clips

Make up some great Flip Clips books or take some video at the party, make into a book and send it later.


Find a holiday themed beverage - such as World Market's Electric Reindeer Wine. It is affordable, and the reindeer on the label is perfect for the holidays.

Outside the Box

love to visit our local import store. They have interesting finds from all over the world.Go there and browse with an open mind and you might find something that is perfect from another land.

Depending on the crowd and the type of Christmas party...

Another way to energize an event and is with your own temporary tattoo, custom made for your party. Visit the Temporary Tattoos website to find out how you can have tattoos made for you!

Your ideas...

Have you created or received a great favor that the world needs to hear about? Share Christmas party favors ideas here and we'll tell the visitors to this site about it!

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