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We hold a Christmas Eve dinner party for our close friends and family each year. It is a great time for us to get together and enjoy being with each other by just having fun.

You could easily incorporate some of these ideas into a gathering of your own special friends and/or family.

Our Christmas Dinner Party Traditions

Our traditional menu remains the same from year to year.

We serve a ham, broiled salmon, mashed or sweet potatoes, butter beans, broccoli cheese rice casserole and a green bean casserole. We also have rolls and cornbread with butter. Yum!

What is served for dinner, though, isn't as important as being together. Always remember that.

If you are seeking a dinner party menu, then select some things that you can prepare well and that you think your guests will enjoy. Being able to serve them easily is a plus so you won't have to spend as much time in the kitchen.

But dinner is just part of the Christmas party that we hold each year. We also plan an evening full of activities that build memories.

While having dinner, we pop open Christmas Crackers and wear the funny tissue paper hats.

After dinner...

After dinner we usually play some Christmas Trivia Games read the Christmas story from the Bible as well as the poem "Night Before Christmas". Then the entertainment begins!

Each person (who wants to) has the chance to get up and do a performance - sing a song, say a poem, play an instrument...perhaps even a little Christmas karaoke.

Then, we gather around the piano and do an old-fashioned Christmas carol sing-along.

After our "entertainment", we have dessert. Usually an assortment of cookies, a couple of pies and fudge. Something for everyone!

Should you include a Christmas party theme?

You can always add a specific Christmas party theme to your dinner party, but it isn't required.

If you do follow a theme, really go for it! A great example is this Alpine Christmas dinner party foods menu used at a corporate Christmas party.

You can also incorporate general Christmas decorations, such as Santa hats, greenery, or religious themes. 

The bottom line...

What matters more than food at your Christmas dinner party is your time with friends and family!

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