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In the U.S., elections seem to happen frequently! An Election Day Party is a great opportunity to gather with friends who share your views or support for candidates, and then watch the election returns together!

No matter which candidate you choose, patriotism will be at it’s peak.

For decorations, try:

  • Red, White and Blue Bunting
  • Red, White and Blue Balloons
  • Red, White and Blue Streamers
  • Campaign posters and signs for your candidates or cause of choice

Serve plenty of appetizers and finger foods. Election night can last for quite a while, so plan plenty! At some point in the evening, you may want to serve a flag cake or other "patriotic" cake. Often served on July 4th, it can be fun for any patriotic event. Serve that flag cake on red, white and blue party ware.

Election Day Party Games

If you want to play some adult party games, award prizes for the following:

  • Fill a jar with red, white and blue M&Ms and let each person make a guess as to how many are inside
  • Let each guest make a guess as to the election return outcome state by state, or district by district. You can even place wagers on it as you would do with a football pool grid.
  • Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or Pin the Tail on the Elephant, according to whichever political party you and your guests lean towards (or do one of both.) It doesn't matter that these are adults playing - they have fun with this game too!
  • Between return results, watch some funny skits featuring parodies of candidates and former Presidents. (Lots of great stuff from SNL!)
  • Not happy with the way election result are going? Get rid of a little frustration and hit a red, white and blue pinata.
  • Have a costume contest - have everyone dress in red, white and blue - and lots of it! Give a prize for the most spirited costume.
  • Test your knowledge with printable games such as the Presidential Trivia game. There are lots of printable games available, and they are so easy because you can purchase and print, all at home. Read my full review here.

    Not in the U.S.? Our friends in other countries can adapt this list to their own country's colors when watching returns for their own elections.

    Election Day Party Supply Shopping

  • Traffic cones
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Face paint
  • Patriotic Pinwheels to stick in the ground
  • Keep everyone cool with Patriotic Fans
  • Patriotic Decorating Kit
  • Hang a Patriotic Pinata for after the parade

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