Fourth of July Parade

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How about getting everyone together for a Fourth of July parade in your neighborhood? Or how about a block party?

How to Host a Fourth of July Parade

  • Gather the neighborhood kids for a parade. Kids can decorate their bikes, scooters, tricycles and strollers.

  • Close traffic in the street where you’ll be having the parade (check with your local government for any restrictions on doing this or to obtain permits).

  • Publicize! You’ll want kids to come out and participate, as well as households without kids to come and watch!

  • Set out lemonade, watermelon, a flag cake and other fun snacks, or have a potluck.

  • After the parade, play some of the great games off our water games list to keep cool.

  • For younger children, set out some plastic pools and fill them with water. Have lots of soaker tubes, water guns, and such. Hook up a sprinkler to play in if you can! You can also fill tubs with bubbles and provide lots of wands.

  • Kids love face painting. Buy some paint in red, white and blue and try your hand at making stars, flags or fireworks.

  • Don't forget to let the pets get in on the action! Dress them up in patriotic bandanas. As a matter of fact, you could organize a July 4th Pet Parade just for them!

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