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Mermaid Cakes are so fun!

Mermaids are always a popular party theme. Whether it be mermaids in general, or the Little Mermaid, or as part of a bigger theme such as Peter Pan or Under the Sea, you may find that a mermaid themed birthday cake design may be a great decorating option or you.

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For a mermaid theme cake, you can make a rectangular sheet cake (or any shape you wish, really), and cover with blue icing on the top for water. In one corner, make a “mound” or “hill” out of cake, frost in chocolate to look like a rock, and stick an inexpensive Barbie type doll with flowing red hair into this. Draw a mermaid tail on the "rock" with green icing.

You can also make an ocean cake, with a mermaid swimming in the ocean. If planning kids birthday cakes for a Peter Pan party, include a pirate ship too!

Cake Pans and Cake Toppers

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