Madeline Party

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Madeline is a very popular children's book character, loved by generations.

Here are some ideas to get you child birthday party off to a great start.

  • Start your child birthday party invitation for this party just like the books..."There was an old house in Paris that was covered with vines..."
  • Since the story of the books are primarily set in Paris, you could write the invitation on the back of a postcard of Paris.
  • Decorate your home with a large French flag. If you don't have one, drape red white and blue, the French colors, around your home.
  • Even better - decorate your home so that it is "covered with vines"!
  • Make sure you include an Eiffel Tower in the decorations
  • You'll find a lot of great art and artists in Paris. Let each party guest create an art masterpiece, and then display them like they are in an art museum
  • Play Pin the Hat on Madeline
  • Read a classic Madeline book
  • In honor of Genevieve, the sweet and brave dog in the stories, play some dog party games
  • If the party guests are familiar with the stories, you can weave the stories thru your party and do an activity or game associated with each of the books.
  • Need more ideas for activities? Here are more fun and really easy kids party games
  • Every great party deserves a great cake! Create a cute child birthday cake in the shape of Madeline's hat, with Madeleine style artwork, or as a French flag
  • Some great party favors for a Madeline theme would be anything French. French flags and beret hats or hats like Madeline wore would be fun. Art supplies, too. If your budget will allow it, a copy of a Madeline book for each child would be terrific! 
  • Planning a sleepover party? You'll love watching the Madeline movie!  
  • Tell us about your easy Madeline party ideas and games!

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